On the 20th of October 32 representants of the Spanish seafood industry, retailers and policy makers attended a PrimeFish workshop focused on the seafood consumption. The Northwestern city of Vigo hosted a workshop organised by PrimeFish partner CETMAR and the Galician Union of Consumers on consumers’ perceptions regarding frozen seafood products and the identification of market niches. 

A round table closed the event with the participation of decision makers to exchange insights on the opportunities to promote seafood consumption. It counted with the participation of Spanish General Secretary of Fisheries, Aurora de Blas, the Chief of Service of Markets at the Regional Minister of Sea Affairs, Ramón Damián Fernández, the president of sectoral organisation Conxemar, José Luis Freire, the director of the Spanish Federation of Fishmongers (FEDEPESCA); María Luisa Álvarez, and chaired by the head of the Technology of Fish Products Department, Julio Maroto, the round table will introduce the conclusions and proposald for future.

A one-page report, available in Spanish, summarises the main points of the meetings:

- Main drivers for consumption of frozen seafood products in Spain.

- Market niches for seafood products in Europe.

- Main trends of seafood consumption in Spain.

- Opportunities to enhance seafood consumption in Spain.

- Specialist shops of seafood in Spain.

PrimeFish document  El consumo de pescado y marisco en España (ES)





Conclusions of the workshop "Seafood Consumption in Spain"

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