The PrimeFish project has started its activity to enhance the seafood sector

The PRIMEFISH Project, led by MATIS, has received 5 million euros funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement 635761); during the next four years, it aims to collect and analyze accurate information on European seafood.

To achieve its goals, PRIMEFISH consortium will work closely with over forty representatives’ organizations from the fisheries and aquaculture sector. These organizations, producers and processors, will play an important role as the Industry Reference Group (IRG). In addition, consumers will also play an active part in Primefish.  

The results will be innovative knowledge and tools to enhance the competitive performance of seafood producers on the European market. In particular, the main outcome of the project will be a decision support Framework for improving decision making, production planning and launching of new products, as well as spotting possible “boom and bust” price cycles.  This framework will provide a friendly web tool for operators to predict market behavior and to better understand consumer preferences. 

To strengthen the industry involvement and to ensure practical implications of the project, PrimeFish has a Strategic Advisory Board with leading stakeholders from the fisheries, aquaculture and food sectors.  


The PrimeFish project has started its activity to enhance the seafood sector

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